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When women come together with a collective intention, magic happens.

A young women with blond hair and a paisley patterned dress is smiling widely and laughing. She is stood in a field, with sun shining through her hair.

Community is the one thing I heavily invested in when I decided to start my own business.

I didn't want to be a freelancer who was confined to the four walls of my home office intense lockdown flashbacks... and slowly become disconnected from the outside world.

Freelancing can be very lonely. We need other people to keep our creativity and spirits alive, to bounce ideas off of, to encourage and champion us.

So I joined:

  • The Lens Eleven photography community, designed to help new and existing photographers build their skills, make friends, and learn how to run a thriving photography business.

  • The Collection Of Extraordinary Women, which offers twice weekly coaching sessions for business, access to further coaching services, a book club, and business training sessions.

  • A Wild Women Play Day, set up by Amy of Fields Photography Stories and exists purely for photographers to learn new skills and push the boundaries of their creativity through play.

Today I'm sharing some of the shots I took and giving and introduction to some of the incredible I met on that glorious Wild Women Play Day.


Experimenting with prisms and fairy lights to create some dreamy effects.

Carly captures gorgeous family stories and can be found here:


One of the warmest and smiliest women I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She was an utter delight and joy to capture. She attended the day with no photography knowledge, but threw herself into the fun.

Cheryl crafts stunning, vibrant earrings and can be found here:


Hester had a wonderful enthusiasm, and personified the words "get stuck in!" You can't help but feel at ease around her.

Hester creates beautiful lifestyle and family photography and film, and can be found here:


I didn't get to chat to Melissa much, but the interactions I did have with her showed me that she was genuinely kind and gracious.

Her newborn imagery is dreamy, and can be found here:


The mastermind behind the Wild Women Play Day, and beacon of creative knowledge. She was so welcoming and encouraging throughout and I'm so grateful to have been involved!

To find out more about the Wild Women days going forward, Amy can be found here:

Wait, there's more!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture everyone on the day, but here are the other amazingly talented photographers that joined us:

And it wouldn't be right not to include some of the stunning shots taken by Becky Wood on the day. She captured some beautiful behind the scenes action!

Thank you for joining me!

If you would like to work with a photographer who will be your own dedicated hype girl, then contact me here or email me at

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